It's that time of the month again! Time to get down and groove.

Fullmoon Dance this Saturday 19-21 at Malakta.

Put on your dancing shoes and come boogie the night away to the colourful rhythms of dj Arvid.

Inspired by 5 rhythms & the elements.



Fullmoon in Aries (again!)

Compared to the first Full Moon in Aries in September, this one is much lower key and better for taking stock of what is going on in your life, it contains both the sense of having completed one cycle and the seeds for a new one.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Moon at 29°33′ Aries is, A duck pond and its brood, with the keyword RELIABILITY. As with the previous Full Moon in Aries, this symbol is about self-discovery and finding your place in the cosmic order. Everyone has a special gift, and it’s up to you to discover it and to be true to your highest, best self. Once you do that, you can relax into your groove and just go with the flow.

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