Full Moon Dance 21.11

Dear dancers, movers and groovers!

The Moon is getting bigger so its time for :

Fullmoon Dance November 21st, this Sunday 19-21 at Malakta.

Put on your dancing shoes and come boogie the night away to the colourful rhythms of dj Arvid.

Inspired by 5 rhythms & the elements


Full Moon in Taurus - November moon / Beaver Moon

To help us come out of our comfortable cocoon’s and dismantle our walls of protection long enough to take the chance (or give another person a chance) to engage in teamwork. Many of us like to work alone and only deal with our own ideas…we are not islands onto ourselves! We are all connected and must realize that some of our personal dreams can only manifest if we work with others. This fullmoon can help us to build a stronger, more healthy network that will help us reach our goals.

This Moon is definitely about vision and how one regards and judges a dilemma, one must guard against being rash and narrow minded. This is a good time for some feng shui in your head! If you feng shui your head you will feel less of the dread!
Go ahead and cut! Be ruthless with pruning things out of your life. Its refreshing. Gives space for new things to grow.

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