ON THE ROAD project

SUNDAY 21.7 @ MALAKTA, Gallery

ON THE ROAD project - presentation of independent animation project of two people /visual artist Lucia Černeková & musician Peter Luha/, artist talk, screening /short animated movies Spain, Der Turm, Brussels and more../

Peter Luha - solo guitar concert
official page - http://peterluha.com/
guitar video channel - http://youtube.com/pitu1

On The Road project:

Our main idea is to create unique short art films - animations from different places of the world,
inspired by a particular country in which we are located, its culture and people.

Animation/short movie - this type of art enables us to combine music and visual art in one.

Animations reflect very much also the real-life feeling of both autors, which are running up and down trying to find the secret of life. That’s why we choose our name as a team - Lightstone Seekers.


Lucia's official page - http://lucypaint.com/

Café is open!

Välkomna till Malaktas Galleri på söndagen den 21.7. kl. 18.
Artist talk med Peter Luha och Lucia Černeková.

Tervetuloa Malaktan Galleriaan sunnuntaina 21.7. klo 18.
Peter Luhan och Lucia Černekován pitämä artist talk sekä Peterin soittamaa kitaramusiikkia.

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