MDFL 2015 Malakta DanceFilmLab with Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer

Malakta Dancefilm Lab (MDFL) is an established international gathering of dance film makers, choreographers and dancers at the Art Factory Malakta in Malax. The MDFL gives participants the opportunity to explore the dance film genre in-depth by collaborative experimentation and creation. Art Factory Malakta, in collaboration with the Regional Dance Centre of Ostrobothnia and LoikkaPro, has been arranging intensive dance film labs since 2012. The focus of the lab is experimentation, creativity and new ways of working with dance and film. Participants work collaboratively, experimenting with the dance film-medium in a hands-on way.

MDFL2015 27-30 august

The intensive laboratory is led by the Cinedans 2015 Audience award winner Marlene Millar (CA)
and her associate Philip Szporer (CA), co-directors of the Montréal-based dance-media company, Movement Perpetuel.

The theme for the Lab is Landscape: as geography; landscape of the mind; heart; landscape of the
body. The Lab focusses on testing, experimentation and research where the participants are led in a number of exercises that relate to film and dance-for-film principles. There will be 2-3 practical
tests per day which will be followed by view and discuss-sessions.
The tests include: In SITU – working within a limited and determined space, on-site dance and film
creation; Hide and Seek – creating a continual sequence and planning dance and camera movement
together; 3D capture – best practices and exploration filming dance in 3D; Focus on Editing – as a
choreographic tool, shooting to edit, re-cutting footage to tell a new story.

Fee: 100€
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