HOME MOVIE DAY 17.10 kl(o) 13.00

Har du gamla smalfilmer men ingen projektor?

Ta då med dina filmer till Malakta den 17.10 och få dem putsade. Tillsammans ser vi sen på film!

Möjlighet att få dem överförda till DVD finns också.

Onko sulla vanhoja kaitafilmeja?
Tuo ne Malaktaan 17.10, putsatamme ja katsomme ne yhdessä!

Mahdollisuus saada ne scannattu DVDlle!


Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at many local veues worldwide.

Home Movie Day events provide the opportunity for individuals and families to see and share their own home movies with an audience of their community, and to see their neighbors' in turn. It's a chance to discover why to care about these films and to learn how best to care for them.

"There's no such thing as a bad home movie. These mini-underground opuses are revealing, scary, joyous, always flawed, filled with accidental art and shout out from attics and closets all over the world to be seen again. Home Movie Day is an orgy of self-discovery, a chance for family memories to suddenly become show business. If you've got one, whip it out and show it now."

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