The recently founded association for audiovisual art Dots has started to operate Filmverkstaden. A meeting place where the moving image and sound can be explored and expanded, a place for creation, training and exchange of knowledge and inspiration within experimental audiovisual art.

In our first meeting Filmverkstaden and its goals were introduced. Also it became clear that there is a need for Filmverkstaden and that professio
nal artists are its soul and breath.
After this successful and inspiring first meeting we are now organising OPEN PUBLIC MEETING II.
During this meeting we will talk about and map common needs regarding activities, working space and collaboration.
We would like to know your ideas and concrete needs regarding:
- what kind of activities you would like to see at Filmverkstaden, such as masterclasses, filmscreenings, etc.,
- what kind of (working) space you would desire at Filmverkstaden, such as dark room, editing room, sound studio, personal studio, etc.
- what your role could be in Filmverkstaden, such as organising workshops or events, working in the different studios, getting involved in the organisation, etc.

We invite you to participate in this open public meeting on June 3rd at Malakta at 7pm to exchange thoughts on how Filmverkstaden can include your voice and be useful to as many artists as possible. We value your ideas on how Filmverkstaden can be built up, taking in account your specific needs and visions.

All are welcome!
Please forward this invitation to anyone who could be interested.
A late lunch and transport from Vasa will be arranged.

Please let us know if you can join us on
03.06 19:00 h at Malakta in Malax.

Maja, Jukka, Arvid and Britt

Kindly supported by:

Aktion Österbotten
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
Svenska Kulturfonden

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